How it all Started

GudSource Limited is a pioneering company that catalyses businesses with cutting edge and comprehensive solutions, products and services across diversified segments. We deliver top-line automated beverage solutions, food products, revolutionary cleaning and hygiene solutions for both household and commercial establishments, agri-processing machinery, IT solutions as well as complete linen solutions. Our full range of products ensures that our market leader clients maintain excellent standards of customer service consistently.

Founded in 2015, as Gud Kai Enterprises Limited, the company ventured into – cleaning solutions (GudKleen), automated beverage vending solutions (Brew Point Express) and trading in food and other products. Very quickly, Brew Point Express became an established and well-known beverage partner for offices, Kai bars, catering units, production facilities, shopping malls as well as corporate clients. Driven by a client-centered, quality-focused approach, our products have enjoyed immensely high rates of adoption and customer satisfaction has been documented repeatedly through the years. With the proliferation of customers for GudKleen and Brew Point Express, we focused on expanding our operations to meet the needs in sectors that needed a reliable and quality partner.

Following this rapid growth, the company expanded into the cleaning solutions line to include a wide range of diverse, high quality products used for housekeeping, kitchen maintenance, industrial needs, washroom solutions, cleaning equipment.

With the ever increasing demand in the linens requirement for corporate and hospitality industry, our next step was to set up Indfab, a subsidiary that provided complete linen solutions comprising of Corporate and schools Uniforms and bedsheets and towels for the hospitality industry.

Realising our potential in the ICT sector, we started INDTechLabs to provide intelligent and powerful Software Solutions which completely manoeuvres our client’s job competently.

Our business activities are consistent with the traditions of some of the best organizations with which GudSource team have been privileged to work. GudSource Limited constantly strives to build its reputation as a company that combines professional service, integrity, knowledge, and flexibility in understanding your particular businesses, identifying and assessing your needs, and customizing the best solutions for your needs to each and every client’s needs, anytime all the time. We continuously strive to ensure that our services and products are the best that one can provide in this challenging environment.

GudSource is committed to delivering high quality service and products and enhancing customer experience and expectations. We adopt multiple levels of quality measurement and introduce quality checks at different phases of our service delivery points to ensure the customer gets the best in all aspects. We perform routine research to constantly upgrade our products and services and work processes so as to remain consistent with the modern requirements of the industry.

Your Sourcing Partner in Papua New Guinea