Sourcing the best for you

GudSource is a pioneering company that catalyses businesses with cutting edge and comprehensive solutions, products and services across diversified segments. We deliver top-line automated beverage solutions, food products, revolutionary cleaning and hygiene solutions for both household and commercial establishments, agri-processing machinery, IT solutions as well as complete linen solutions. Our full range of products ensures that our market leader clients maintain excellent standards of customer service consistently.

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Our Portfolio

We understand the unique requirement for Papua New Guinea and offer customised solutions to everyone’s needs across various categories of interest.


Brew Point Offers Hot Beverage Solutions & Coffee Processing Machineries

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INDTechLabs is the IT Wing of GudSource

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GudKleen provides a comprehensive range of diverse, high quality cleaning solutions

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Your Complete Linen Solution

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Our Offerings

We at GudSource always strive to offer the best to our customers from reputable sources and reputable brands.

Yokostone Bicycles

We introduce robust and sporty YOKOSTONE cycle brand in Papua New Guinea offering exceptional quality and range.

Cold Storage Equipments

We have picked up Western brand for its dependable quality and robust performance. It is one of the most trusted brand and also the manufacturer for some of the world famous brands.

Coffee Processing equipments

With more than 15 years experience in the Coffee Plantations Industry, we specialise in the sourcing , installation and servicing of all equipment and machinery related to the coffee industry

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